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  I in this world, stop from time to time, search, is meets for and you.

  ?. 我在这个世界上,走走停停,寻寻觅觅,就是为了和你相遇。


  I have a quartz heart, but they thought that it is glass

  ?. 我有一颗水晶般的心,但是他们都以为它是玻璃


  We do not give up fade from the memory. Does not give up the time.

  ?. 我们都舍不得淡忘。舍不得时光。


  All matters could the good scabs forget to hurt, the only love was not good.

  ?. 所有的事都能好了伤疤忘了疼,唯独爱情不行。


  You have found your sunlight, I actually still in alone sad.

  ?. 你找到了你的阳光,我却仍在独自忧伤。


  As soon as passed by is flickers, misses is eternal.

  ?. 路过是一瞬,错过是永恒。


  In these sad days, I take the fleeting time, chaotic has floated lives.

  ?. 在那些感伤的日子里,我拿流年,乱了浮生。


  I use the entire life, will only trade in the future one.

  ?. 我用整个生命,只换未来一眼。


  Once dialed randomly my palpitation's person, now do I how possibly forget you.

  ?. 曾经拨乱我心跳的人,如今我怎么可能忘记你。


  Because had loved crazy, therefore looked that you smile as before are silencing.

  ?. 因为曾经爱过一场疯狂,所以看你依旧笑着沉默。


  Every single thing you do, right now, affects your future.

  ?. 现在你所做的每件小事,都会影响到你的未来。


  Is because you are not good, only then must keep side you, is happy for you.

  ?. 就是因为你不好,才要留在你身边,给你幸福。


  My youth, a startled colorful time, one gentle years

  ?. 我的少年,一个惊艳了时光,一个温柔了岁月


  I knew that I have a person at heart, regardless of the years vicissitude, he continuously.

  ?. 我知道我心里有一个人,无论岁月变迁,他会一直在。


  Thanked you to come, was very regrettable you to get out of the way.

  ?. 谢谢你曾经来过,很遗憾你还是走开。


  Love, is short. But forgets, then long

  ?. 爱,那么短。而遗忘,那么长